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Wingeing Vicar #blorg
Finally gave in and went to the docs today. I've had what I put down as being a cold since Christmas, and it's got better then worse too many times now to ignore. The final straw was last Friday, when my head was so woozy with gunk I couldn't get up until the afternoon. As suspected, the doc diagnosed a chest infection, and I now have a week on anti-biotics.

The doc was a really sweet young woman who seemed quite impressed with the scar on my back. I should have told her it was a Bat'leth duelling scar, but instead settled for the more boring truth that it was as a result of me disagreeing with a car as a teenager.

As an ex-smoker I also need to go to the hospital to get a chest X-Ray, but that's just a precaution (I hope).

Work-wise I'm struggling with the pace of things thanks to my illness. Really enjoying the work, it's just there's too much of it. Both the parish and I will just have to be happy with the amount I can do.

Lent-wise I've taken up facilitating a weekly Lent group for Churches Together in Welling, and we met for the first time last night without me causing an ecumenical incident.

I've not settled on what I've given up yet, if anything (definitely not chocolate, I've been eating a lot to cope with the manky-ness of my bug). I've not touched a drop of alcohol (beyond the occasional sip of communion wine during Mass, naturally), but that's only because I've been taking various pills. I may well want to celebrate feeling better in a week or two's time, so am not sure a Lent-long fast is realistic.

Oh, and I'm still fuming at the Archbishop of York for writing in the Scum On Sunday, including an endorsement to buy the dreaded rag seven days a week. Unbelievable.

Here endeth the wingeing.

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