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org's blog- The confessions of a Sci-fi addicted vicar

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A movable feast? #Blorg
I have been crazy-busy of late, and that will only increase with the loss of one of my non-stipendary (ie unpaid & part-time) curates. I really can't complain. To have one NSM is luxury enough these days, let alone two. There's also the fact that most of the work I'm taking on is school-based, which is part of the ministry I really enjoy. But the fact remains that my already full diary is about to be even more packed.

All this at the beginning of the season of Lent when Christians are supposed to take time to reflect on and re-evaluate our faith, looking at where we might be falling short.

But Lent for clergy is unavoidably one of the busiest times of year, what with Lent groups to lead, Stations of the Cross to walk (weekly here through Lent, which seems a bit mad), along with preparations for the services of Holy Week and Easter itself. Add to that the fact that in this diocese our bishop has given us a 'Call To Mission' to introduce to the congregation through Lent (with not very much lead-in time to plan things it has to be said), plus all the usual stuff that goes on in a priest's week.

I've got a quiet-day planned, thanks to it being part of our deanery (local church group) calender, and that's about it for reflection time. I may end up moving my personal Lent to August, when things are quieter and there's more time to reflect...
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