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org's blog- The confessions of a Sci-fi addicted vicar

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Not the New Year's Resolution entry #Blorg
It has been drawn to my attention that I haven't set any New Year's resolutions, unlike last year (http://rev-org.livejournal.com/251543.html).

The reason is simple- I just haven't had time to think of any.

It has to be said that last year's weren't particularly challenging anyway, more like New Year's aspirations really.

Work-wise I'm just concentrating on determining how best I can serve this parish as vicar, and it's still early days on that to be honest.

Home-wise I bumble along as lucky husband to a lovely wife, and father to two comical sprogs. Plus I intend to keep up the geek-social life as much as possible.

The only big change is my ownership of an Eggsbox, which means I'm back into console gaming. Judging from the little time I've spent on it so far, I haven't got any better, but it's a good way of relaxing when Mrs O isn't around to watch Dr Who DVD's or play Warhammer with.

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