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#Fiddleback-gate #Blorg
Yesterday saw the annual local clergy day-trip. This year we took-in Whistable, where it's impossible to get this out of your head:

Few of my fellow clergy understood why I was humming the tune however.

Here's the proof of Whitstable's claim to fame:

Despite the grey day, I rather warmed to the place thanks to a very tasty pint of Doombar in a pub right on the beach.

Today I was brought down to earth by my dear wife. Having presided at the 10 o'clock Eucharist in what I though was a rather spiffing fiddleback chasuble, I was informed that it made me look like a chintzy sofa, and thus #Fiddlebackgate broke out.

Seeking Twitter's opinion, I find Mrs O's tastes to be in the majority, but since when have I paid any heed to other's tastes ;) Judge for yourself:

Someone did suggest that I replace it with a Colin Baker-style number, which would raise a few eyebrows!

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