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The Dark Knight Rises spoilery thoughts #Blorg #spoilers

Just blogging some initial thoughts having seen DKR this evening:

The bad:

- Gotham still seems a dull old city, but I guess that was always Nolan's plan so I'll have to live with it. A real shame it never got the character and design attention it needs to bring Batman properly to life and backdrop his actions.

- How did Wayne get back from which-ever country that was with Baine's prison?

The good:

- Pretty much everything else. I guessed that Joseph Gordon Levitt's character was going to become Robin and later Batman, though in the event he mostly skipped the Robin stage, but other than that, the story managed to surprise me. I also foresaw that Marian Cotillard would have the button, but bizarrely (considering she's been a re-occurring character since I've been reading Batman comics), not that she was Talia Al Ghul.

- The characters were as great as ever, with top-notch acting. Tom Hardy did his best to perform behind that mask- no mean feat, though some of the dialogue was incomprehensible, as expected. Nolan's approach to Catwoman was great as well, with her character arc never completely predictable.

- Was the ending for Wayne meant to be ambiguous? I'd assumed that it was Alfred dreaming at the end, much as Wayne had done earlier over Ra's, but A-M pointed out that the auto-pilot being fixed gave him a way out.

- There were times when I actually thought the bomb would go off, which is completely to Nolan's credit.

- Nice to see Cillian Murphy back, and to a lesser extent, Liam Neeson.

- Tom Conti in a Batman film?! Somehow worked.
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