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Happy Captain Picard Day!
How best to celebrate this geeky festival?

By accidentally meeting Patrick Stewart!

We had a family day out to Southwark Cathedral, and there I was showing the sprogs the choir and high altar when I realised the great man was walking towards me.

I panicked and buried my head in my phone, taking glances to ensure I was not mistaken, whilst trying not to look like I was staring.

Then he walked over to some friends or family and started talking to them about the Shakespeare effigy on the South aisle.

I was struck dumb with awe at being in Mr Stewart’s presence, and the fact that I’d been watching him in ST:TNG the night before in preparation for podcast recording made the event even more weird.

Ultimately I’m glad I didn’t say anything to him, I’d only have said something stupid, and besides, who am I to interrupt anyone when they’re enjoying the beauty of Southwark Cathedral?

The day I was ordained at the Cathedral will obviously stick in my memory for the rest of my life, but I rather suspect today’s visit will too ;)

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