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Holy Saturday - Low Sunday 2012 #blOrg
Thought I aught to fill in the rest of Holy Week- the Holy Saturday Vigil went well, though there are a few things I'll be changing for next year. Got to find a new tune for the Exultet that the poor curate had to get through, and we'll be replacing the chant calling upon the saints to pray for us cos I just can't stomach that as an idea. The whole point of Jesus was to give us access to God, why bother then with the saints as intermediaries? Plus the list of saints called upon seemed pretty random, and if I had been doing it I would have been tempted to add a few of my own- "St Garak of Cardassia, pray for us"?

The highlight was definitely entering the darkened church with just the paschal candle providing illumination, then the light spreading to other folk's candles.

Sunday morning went well too, though my second attempt to sing a Eucharistic preface was only marginally less rubbish than Christmas. When I practice before the service I sound fine, then I start out on the wrong note during the actual proceedings. I will get there.

The last week was mostly time off, with sprog2 staying with mother-in-law, leading to a very quiet vicarage. I took the opportunity to have a drinking afternoon in town with my old mukka Captain Limbo, though it would appear my stomach is not as forgiving of 6 pints of Guinness as it used to be.

There was a pleasant trip to pick sprog2 up from rural Buckinghamshire, with an over-night stay. Then a big wedding to conduct on Saturday, complete with spontaneous Nigerian singing from the families involved, all very jolly, if nerve-wracking.

A Sunday off, with me not getting out of bed until 10am rounded off a pleasant break.

Now it's getting back into the swing of things time, with works on the church heating on-going, and the school routine starting again tomorrow.

St Londo of Centauri, pray for me...

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